Currently, we support these image formats.

How to export an image asset?

Select a layer or a group of layers and hit the export button on right side. It will open the Export window for you. In there, you can set up multiple variants of the image you want to export, define the exported names or suffixes. 

TIP: You can just double click a vector or bitmap layer to export it. Or use the CMD/CTRL + S shortcut once you have it selected.

⚠️NOTE:  Ceros Inspect allows you to export any layer as an image from Sketch, Adobe XD CC and Photoshop files. You (or your designers) don’t have to pre-set Exportables in Sketch, rename layers with special symbols like + * & or .png in Photoshop or mark for export  in Adobe XD). Everything (but bitmap layers) is fully rendered and therefore you have real access to all layers (that means hiding them, exporting and even scaling up to @4x when it comes to vector shapes).

Change image format and size

In the export modal you can choose from format dropdown either PNG, JPEG, SVG, or WebP. The default pixel density is set to 1x by default but you can change the scale to adjust size of the exported image.

NOTE: Lossless upscaling is possible only for vector shapes. We enable to export bitmaps as SVGs should you ever need it.

If there is a warning “We cannot correctly export the layer in this resolution”, it’s because you are trying to export a bitmap image at higher resolution than it was designed in.

TIP: Make sure your design is either in vectors or in the highest resolution you're trying to export. If you attempt to export bitmaps in higher resolution than the design pixel density allows, your assets will end up pixelated.

Image export presets for platforms

When you choose to add preset of your assets you'll notice that there are new variants in different resolutions - to save your time while building an app for different screens. Feel free to adjust the resolution and format for these variants and add or delete new variants.

Export a screenshot of the design

To export a screenshot of the entire design, make sure you haven't selected any layer (just click somewhere outside the design canvas). Then click on EXPORT SCREENSHOT in the right sidebar.

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