If you open a design and the text doesn't look right you'll likely need to import a correct font.

How to import a missing font file?

1. Check the right sidebar if any of the fonts used in your design are reported as missing - they will be highlighted in red

If you don't see the Fonts panel, make sure that you don't have any layer selected.

2. Click either on the red exclamation mark (!) next to 'Fonts' or question mark (?) next to the missing font's name

3. A new window will open with list of all font errors that need to be resolved

4. To add correct font either select 'Locate fonts...' or click on the 'Upload font' button right next to it. Then select the font you want to add from the file manager.

5. Click on continue and your design will rendered with added fonts.

Note: Make sure that you have the missing font file in the TTF (TrueType Fonts), TTC (TrueType Fonts) or OTF (OpenType Fonts) format.

Replacing font used in design with a different font

You can upload new font by clicking on the 'Upload font' button and choosing the font via file manager. Then click on continue and your design will be rendered with the font you chose.

Confirm your selection then click on 'Continue' and your design will be rendered with the font you selected.

Note: If you select a font with a different postscript name your text might be rendered differently according to the font you chose.


Before you proceed make sure that you own the license to the appropriate font. Please be aware that certain font vendors do not allow for the transfer, display and distribution of their fonts. You are responsible for ensuring that you respect the font license agreement between you and the applicable font vendor.

Fixing a missing text

In case that your design is missing text, please, try resaving it in the latest available version of the software that was used to make it and upload again.

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